Welcome To The Citizen Action Team’s SoCal Wildfires Weblog


Hello, I am Leslie, a core volunteer and Citizen Action Team Relief Database Director for the West Coast.

We are a group of concerned, passionate and active citizens that provide a revolutionary tool, available at no cost to the public, survivors of (any) disaster, non-profit organizations, grassroots organizations, government agencies, donors, and volunteers.

In the post hurricane Katrina days, coordination of information resources, donations, supplies, and volunteers, etc. were very disorganized. The magnitude of this disaster made it almost impossible to direct help in a responsive and efficient manner. In order to keep the Citizen Action Team’s relief deliveries coordinated, the Relief Database was born.

Initially, the database was an internal tool, meant to track supply delivery. As this technology was tested and applied, it became clear that this dynamic and unique method of disaster relief coordination was meant to be shared with the public for a myriad of uses.

The Relief Database core volunteer members are constantly striving to update and improve the technology, bringing you the best we have to offer. We  welcome input and feedback from users so that we can continue to better the process.

Starting with Hurricane Katrina, than Americus, GA, Enterprise, AL, Greensburg, KS (tornadoes), Hurricane Dean and now the Southern California’s Wildfires, we’ve been an integral source in assisting the public, non-profit organizations, state and government agencies with the tools to empower people to get through first response and to the other side of recovery. We are committed to the nation in responding to their needs in the aftermath of disasters, and are excited that we are beginning to include international efforts.

Currently, we are actively assisting organizations and fire families with matching donation destinations in Southern California, and are continuing daily to add new and updated resourceful information for all folks impacted by the 2007 SoCal Wildfires.

Come visit the SoCal Wildfires Relief Database entries by visiting: 


There you will find listings for:

Hotlines/Informational Resources/Safety Tips
Mental Health Services/Support Groups
Survivor Grants & Financial Assistance Resources
Housing Resources & Referral Information
Emergency Assistance & Relief
Pet Resources/Services & Needs
Donation Drives
Volunteer Opportunities & Needs
Long Term Recovery Case Management & Relief

We have over 260 facilities entered in the database dedicated to the SoCal Wildfires. It makes no sense for folks to have to hunt and peck for vital information all over the internet, and the database makes it simple by placing it in one resourceful, ‘one-stop-shop’.

In a sense, this weblog is a duplication of what already exists in the database. But I felt a human side of interaction in this process was called for and would provide an opportunity for people to involve themselves by sharing the journey through this internet venue.

If any of you bloggers out there have information you’d like to share that would be beneficial to folks who’ve lost their homes, or to Responders assisting in the affected communities, please feel free to post or email the details to me. Many people don’t have the time, the physical or the monetary means to be a part of the healing and recovery process. Know that your input is a valueable piece of that recovery and can create a significant impact.

Also, feel welcome to browse the nearly 3000 entries in the Relief Database, and if you are a non-profit, donor, grassroots organization (disaster or humanitarian) and would like us to post your information to help spread the word about your mission, needs and services offered, give me a holler. You can email me at: leslie@citizenactionteam.org

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Virtual Volunteer’ for the Relief Database, training is simple and the impact is great (without ever having to leave your home!). Just email me and I can get you started.

If you’d like a brief, 5-10 minute executive tour of the Relief Database, please contact Terra at:


Thanks so much for joining in these efforts to help us help others! Stop by often as this weblog will be tended to and updated on a regular basis.

In Service,